Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Turning Point

This, like “Breath of the Soul”, was written for the live event surrounding the James Lee Byars exhibition (see that post for details).

Turning Point

And so the longest day of the year sped by
Lifted on the smiling backs of gulls
And tugged on by the breeze that graced us
There on our hill, watching the sky wheel overhead.

My flesh still warms to that sun’s caress
on your skin.
My smile still remembers your hand -
Heavy with the softness of you.

There was a kite
And the crash of surf below us.
There were distant shouts,
And the brief, wet nose of a questing dog.
There were the scents of crushed grass
And your hair - spun glass on the breeze
Reaching out.

I’ll swear we passed a lifetime there,
In that echoing day that rushed past us,
Taken on the tide of words spoken
And words silent.
And I’ll swear at the last your dandelion breath
Puffed the summer stars into the hushing sky.

The force that pricked them through it
Pushed me to my back
Where the earth gently gifted me the day’s heat
And I, awed, wept for it all
Two tiny tears I hid in hayfever.

We left before the night grew cold.
And you believed me.

The bedrock of my soul
Still gives back the heat of that day
I only have to close my eyes
And I’m half-blinded again by midsummer sunlight,
Lost in the place of the new colours
Seen obliquely by the sun through your eyes.

I cannot remember one word of that day.
Not even your name.
And so its treasure is secure.
High on its everlasting hillside.

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  1. Coming in with another comment on a very old post (sorry, I really do hope this doesn't come across as weird!). This is breathtakingly lovely. I'm going to be thinking about "My smile still remembers your hand -/Heavy with the softness of you" and "And I’ll swear at the last your dandelion breath/Puffed the summer stars into the hushing sky" for days to come. Absolutely stunning work.


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